Monday, June 8, 2009

Changes are Made

Yes, changes are happening in the tapestry... it's growing daily since I'm able to spend at least a couple of hours each day working with it.

And another important change that's occured is that I've passed along the coordination of the American Tapestry Alliance Distance Learning program to Barbara Heller. Here's what I wrote about that on the tapestry list today:

Distance Learning Programs through American Tapestry Alliance

I've enjoyed being the coordinator for the American Tapestry Alliance Distance Learning Program for the past two years. I'm moving on to other tasks now and Barbara Heller is the new coordinator for the program.

I know she'll be eager to hear from applicants to the program. For more information about the two distance learning programs that ATA sponsors (the one for intermediate level which Barbara will now coordinate, and Helping Hands, designed for weavers with less experience) please see the American Tapestry Alliance website link at:

The initial Distance Learning program began in 2003 and has been coordinated by Priscilla Lynch, Linda Weghorst, Tommye Scanlin, and now--Barbara Heller. Joyce Hayes and Jeannie Bates developed the Helping Hands program in 2007-8.

While we've done the organizational parts, the heart of both the programs are the volunteer mentors who give of their experience and expertise as they guide the students who are assigned to them. The hands of the programs are those of
the students who seek both inspiration and technical assistance from their mentors.

My heartfelt thanks goes to all who've been involved with ATA Distance Learning Programs in the past, and to Barbara Heller for taking over the coordination of one of the programs. And, here's to the success of future students and mentors!

Tommye Scanlin

The Distance Learning program has been a valuable learning experience for a number of students. The mentors for the program have shared with the students in so many ways--it's been an incredible experience for me to have been involved in seeking mentors for applicants. Everyone who's agreed to serve as a mentor has been just incredibly supportive to the assigned student. What a wonderful group of people to work with--it's been exceptionally rewarding to be part of it all.

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