Friday, February 13, 2009

spring is coming... the plants are sharing the secret

Even though our black walnut tree is saying this:

other plants in the yard are telling me this:

I'm going to choose to listen to those budding green things, I believe. I know the black walnut has the insight about the possibilities of the next couple of months to come... more freezing temperatures, maybe some snow, definitely cold times still remain here in north Georgia. But those new bits of life peeking out are going to help me weather the rest of the winter.

The tapestry diary continues. I've missed few days now, all indicated with white woven "blanks" but, so far, it's moving right along. I decided to top off the February days with a pass or two of black (January had red-orange at the top of each day). I'm still going 10 days across and indicating the date with some blip within the small color field of the day's woven entry. The blip might be just that, a spot. Or it might be a series woven with pick and pick. I've used horizontal lines, as well.

It's still fun... even if I don't know what each day will bring with the weaving but that's the main part of this particular tapestry trip.


  1. We have new snow this morning, and no signs of spring yet, but we are usually seeing the top of the bulbs peeking out by the end of February, so it won't be long! As usual, I am ready for it. I'm loving the tapestry diary...very colorful, but showing off your own personal palette.

  2. Yes - I've seen daffs in bloom here and the willow in our back yard is leafing out. It is a bit scary knowing there must be at least one more cold snap.
    The diary looks good!