Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OK, another day and many more trips of the bobbin

Well, things are moving right along in class here at mid-week. Great concentration and hard work by everybody for three intense days just past. We have a full day and evening to look forward to tomorrow. Friday will be a complete day in class as well although there are no planned evening activities and studios will be closed for the week's session by 5:30 that day. Finishing, possibly mounting onto small fabric covered boards will be involved for Friday.

So, not many words tonight...but a few photos, beginning with a view as I started my day with a walk toward the main building of campus (on the left) where the weaving studio's located. Following that are a few shots of the weavers and/or their work in progress. I'm pooped tonight since there's a bar on the Gatlinburg main street, just down from here, that's had LOUDDD music playing for the last two nights--until midnight and beyond. Bought ear plugs at the supply store today just in case the party was cranked up again tonight...but so far, it's quite as a mouse down, with fingers crossed, I'm going to get to bed in a few minutes and hope for silence to continue! I'm feeling sleep deprived now--getting tired and need to keep up the energy for the rest of the week.

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