Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of accomplishments today

New tapestries were cut off looms today! All three of the new tapestry weavers at the class here at Arrowmont

cut off their tapestry samplers today. Each tapestry had turned into the "journey up the warp" that Archie Brennan promotes. One student had to leave before class ends tomorrow but this afternoon at 5 she'd finished up with one warp on her own loom that she'd warped on the first night of class, cut it off today and rewarped the loom for 12" wide, using a continuous warp. She also made and installed heddles on her loom, a Hagen loom--all quite a lot to accomplish in four days.

Here's the happy three + one (me) at the end of the day on Thursday:

Most of the images from today will be of the weavers and finishing stages. There's also a photo of a view of the exhibit currently at the gallery, "Utilitarian Clay V: Celebrate the Object" that will be on display until late November. A symposium held in September was associated with the exhibit.

Arrowmont has spacious and well equipped studios in several buildings including ones for clay, painting, and wood. Metals, fibers, and glass studios are in the main building where weaving is taking place. I hope I'll have time to photorgaph more of the campus tomorrow as well as some other students' work from the different studios this week.

Things in downtown Gatlinburg stayed quiet last night and are again tonight, although it's gotten colder. I'm hoping for another good night's sleep tonight--makes quite a difference in the day to my state of mind and body when I've had enough sleep!

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