Monday, September 29, 2008

Our first full day of class was indeed full!

Each time I teach a workshop it seems that every day is really two days long. So much information shared and skills begun--it always gives an intensity to the class. All three students are working quite hard, each in her own way, to understand what they're doing and why and they're facing lovely challenges along their way.

Phyllis prepares her Hagen loom

Gerda moves through diagonals.

Jennifer (not as startled while weaving as she appears here!)

Let's see, I've only mentioned Archie and Susan's names maybe four times today.  Comments that begin with "Archie recommends...." or "Susan says...." tend to fall out of my mouth frequently as each day I weave I try to pay tribute to just a few of the lessons I've learned from both those wonderful artists and teachers in the past.  And I hope I can in some way share what I've learned with others.

So, here are a few quick shots of today's studio happenings.  And speaking of happenings, as I was leaving the building heading to dinner this afternoon around 5:30 the sun was shining through a stained glass window that's installed high above the gallery.  A wonderful ceramics exhibit is up now and the colored light just happened to be shining on the wall on which were displayed platter forms that were glazed in violet, green and red-orange creating a stunning juxtaposition of color in substance and light.

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