Sunday, September 28, 2008

And so it begins...

My class started tonight at Arrowmont. I came up yesterday to get my studio set up...but...didn't make it here in time to unload the car as I'd hoped! I got here around 4:30, thinking that the building would be open until 5, as I'd been told, but it was closed. My housing assignment was posted so I found my way to my room with no problem at all so I settled in there and entertained myself during the evening as I waited to see what today would bring; we have wireless here in our rooms and I brought my laptop so, after going to Subway for dinner, I checked e-mails, read online news, and got my thoughts together about class today.
This morning, I was able to get into the studio around 10, got unpacked there and the space arranged for the three students I have this week--what a treat, to have only three people to work with! I hope each and every one will be able to get what they want from the class, as is always is my desire with any class I teach. Two in the class have woven before and one has not. Jennifer, the new weaver, solved a problem immediately tonight in using the PVC legs for the loom I'd mentioned in yesterday's post, as they got in the way of warping...she said, "Why don't we take this one off?"--YES! Worked perfectly and that's exactly why I love to interact with people in classes...they most often add so much that I haven't yet considered! I'll post a photo of what we did with that later.

The photos tonight are of the studio taken this morning after I'd arranged the space for the first time. I made some changes since then but not many--and we'll be flexible this week with the space. Since we have such a small class we've each got a table as working space. I also put out a table dedicated to books I brought with me from my library and we can also borrow books from Arrowmont's library for the class, which I'll do throughout the week as the need might arise. They don't have lots of tapestry books but so have some. But they do have a copy of the Peter Collingwood Techniques of Rug Weaving from which I sometimes use the half-Damascus edge as a finishing method. I didn't bring my Collingwood book because of the size (big and heavy and full of information)--just knew the library here must have one! On another table next to the "tapestry weaving studio library" I've put a number of copies of ATA Tapestry Topics and the Canadian Tapestry Network Newsletter, as well as a gazillion images of tapestries I've collected over the past twenty years as postcards of exhibits, works of individual tapestry artists, etc. I just love to paw through these to be inspired and have now three very full file folders of wonderful images and I love to share them.

So, stay with me through the week...lots of photos to come of what we'll be doing, I hope!


  1. Have a wonderful week, Tommye. I know these teaching times are filled with creative moments. I love learning from the students, and I also learn from myself as I teach, as sometimes I am amazed at what I know or believe, and only realize it when I hear it coming out of my mouth in answer to a question or class need. The teacher always wins!

  2. Yes, Kathy...I love the learning that happens for me from students...or, as you say, from myself as I try to say something one more time in yet a different way so that it might be more clearly understood. As with you, I'm sure, I never, never mind repeating instructions -- maybe using different words or examples -- until it's clear for the student. If the student doesn't understand then, I believe, most of the time it's the teacher's fault. Think it through and say/do it again (and again, and again....) But this group of three is just great and catching on very quickly. Good day's work for them today!