Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weaving again!

I'm happy to be finally weaving on the new/old Ruthie loom! I made a few changes yesterday morning on the maquette and felt finally ready to draw the cartoon on mylar. I did that and, after figuring out how to hold it up to begin to stitch it onto the 60" wide warp, got underway with the border.

The warp is 6 epi and I'm using three fold of Vevgarn combined with two smaller wools--the "Mailiss" yarn, also from Norway. I haven't counted ppi but not many, compared to the black walnut tapestry with the closer warp sett. All will be much bolder with this but that's what I want right now--to be able to test the loom, for one thing, and also to work through a large and yet simple design as quickly as I can.

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