Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More about the new weaving underway...

The new tapestry is going fine today; I was able to weave several inches into the border. Tomorrow will bring less weaving time since I'll be going out of town for part of the day.

I was puzzled at first about where and how to put up the maquette that I'm working from so that I could see it for reference, but a solution presented itself as I noticed the blinds at the window. I've clipped the painting up to the blinds with clothes pins and this works just fine.

I should be able to weave most and maybe all of the border before having to advance the warp...a good thing since I'll probably have to have help as I do that. The tension is great on the loom, with the two pawl and ratchets at each beam on both sides. However, to loosen tension at the warp beam before advancing I'll need to have a wider arm-span than I have to release the second pawl at the same time as the first! I may possibly need to see about having a worm-gear installed, as the Fireside looms have, if this turns out to be too much of a problem. Another reason to try out the loom but with something that won't (maybe) take too long to accomplish!


  1. The tree tapestry is beautiful. I also noticed this loom. It is very beautiful as well. Do you mind if I ask about the maker? I'm in the market for a vertical tapestry loom and I couldn't help admiring this one. Is it a fireside loom?

    Thanks DeAnna

  2. Hi DeAnna,
    Thanks for the comment. The loom is a "Ruthie" loom, made by Crisp...this loom isn't made any longer but the Fireside traditional tapestry loom is pretty much like it. The main difference in the looms is that the Fireside has a worm gear for the brake system and this one doesn't.
    I bought my loom this past September from someone who'd bought it from someone else several years ago. It's probably 20 to 25 years old.
    I think you'd like the Fireside.