Monday, March 12, 2007

It's later today and I now have a new (old) loom in my studio! I bought a used Kessnich from the Folk School. One of my student's, Katina, and her boyfriend picked it up (along with one she's bought for herself) and delivered it to me. What a kind thing for her to really saved me time. I'm excited for her about her's an Artisat--just like my first floor loom I had back in the early 1970s. Her's seems to be pretty new and looked in great shape as it sat in Darrell's pickup.

The Kessnich is probably twenty years old, maybe. It's 35" wide, has a sectional beam parts which I'm now reversing to the inside of the warp beam since I'll use the loom for boundweaves, mostly, and won't need the sections. I now have two Kessnich looms, the smaller one that allows about a 24" wide weaving and this one. It was a great price and since I'm hoping to begin teaching more in my studio I thought it would be a good buy. Of course, I can always sell it later--as I've done with several looms I've owned in the past.

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