Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi Fren!
Thanks for commenting on the blog. I'm still playing around with it, as you can tell, whenever I have time. And it's very user friendly...so many options to doodle with, like template, color, font, where pictures go...and even more that I haven't discovered yet.

The tapestry is within inches of finish (except for the hem area). I may not have enough of one of the dark blue in the background area but will weave until I run out of it. Noel's out of town until mid-week so couldn't get more until later after she's back and has time to recover from her trip. I'll dig through past weft bundles to see if I have bits and pieces of this color but I'm afraid I won't have. It's a deep, dark blue with a bit of greenishness to it. I'm using it combined with a dark navy blue and a dark, dark green.

The tapestry is 54" wide x about 38" high (I say about since it grows a bit as I weave...). The sett is 6 epi of the Swedish cotton seine twine from Laura Shannock--#18, I think it is. The weft is 3-fold Vevgarn, for the most part although some 100% Spelsau is there too.

And, speaking of Splesau, there's an interesting article about the Norsk Kunsvgarn spinnery in Norway--the one from whom Noel had imported the Spelsau...great photos! Oh, yeah...the article is in the latest issue of Våv magazine.

I got the new Fiberarts yesterday. The review of the ATB6 is quite good...glad to see it got good coverage!

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