Sunday, January 26, 2014

Off the loom

There is still so much finishing to be done but I've cut it off the loom.  It's hanging up with push pins right now.  Shortly, I'll start clipping weft tails at the back.

It's 32" h x 23" w (design area).  There's a 1 1/4" turn-back at both ends that will be folded to the back when the piece is mounted.


  1. That is absolutely spectacular, love it!!

  2. AWESOME! I really love it!

    I see you weave your turn-back in sections. Does this make it easier to hide it at the edges?

  3. The energy of this young man is palpable. His head seems to be thrust from his shoulders, and this helps to activate his already activated emotional face. Wow! Successful as hell, missy!