Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Weaving for Others

I first posted about this tapestry in September as I got the piece underway.  I left it alone for the next few months, though, as I proceeded with the fiddlehead and fern tapestry.  With the fiddlehead piece finished up (and off to be photographed soon) it's time to get back to Megan's tapestry in earnest.

Here's the piece as I left it yesterday.  I struggled with the nose a bit and the next big challenge will be getting the eyes done.

So far, Megan likes the piece.  In fact, she wants a photograph of it in-process to possibly use as a drawing subject.  Sort of like looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror.... Reference the tapestry based on the painting based on the photo... makes my head spin, just thinking about it!

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