Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An adventure!

Yesterday the South saw a snowstorm that brought Atlanta and several other cities to their knees.  Not a deep snowfall but an icy one.  As it happens, I was in Asheville yesterday morning as the snow started to fall.  After an hour or so of wondering whether I should try to get home or not, and several phone calls to my husband for his advice and weather condition check at home, I decided to go for it... the road, that is!

This was about the extent of the snowy driving conditions I saw along the way.  Since I left Asheville early enough, I was just a few minutes ahead of the snow that was moving east and turning the roads into ice rinks all through the area.

By the time I'd unloaded my car and walked back to the studio, this much snow had fallen.

This was measured on the railing of my back porch at the studio.  The snow wound up being around 2" by the end of the day.

My studio in the snow... first, from the back yard there:

Then looking across our backyard at the house to the studio around twilight:

Yes... just a little snow in Georgia goes a long way to making for adventures.  Some good, lots bad this time around for many, many people, however.


  1. Kathe,
    We usually have a couple of snowfalls each year. However, this one was particularly badly timed, coming in mid-morning and early afternoon. The whole world of schools, businesses, etc. tried to get home at the same time... and right into the middle of the icy conditions. So... girdlock. Did you read the Huffington post about it? Pretty much describes what it was like, from what I understand.
    I was very, very, VERY fortunate to get on the road when I did and to make it home quite literally as the snow began falling here. I was driving west and the snow storm was moving east.

  2. The photos of your studio in the snow are beautiful! So glad you made it home before the grid lock

  3. So glad you did not get stuck in this crazy weather. We even had an ice storm in San Antonio TX last week.

    Tommye, a question about the tapestry diaries. Do you just weave and leave slits between each day's work?

    1. It depends---that sort of "standard" answer in tapestry! Most time I leave the slits unsewn in the TD pieces. But I've also occasionally sewn some areas.