Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving at a snail's pace as this tapestry approaches the end!

I thought I'd zip through the last few inches of this tapestry.  I should have known better.  The last stages of the weaving of many tapestries seem to be the hardest parts for me.

I'm making a background value transition so that there seems to be light coming from the right corner.   I'm attempting to do it in a way that won't make a hard break between values, rather a more gradual change.  That takes some fiddling with the wefts to make the changes happen.  And some bit of weaving in and taking out.  Yes, lots of unweaving is being done in these last few inches.

I also wanted a signature to be woven in.  I use stylized initials and wove those yesterday.  This morning I ripped all that out and started over.  The left side has the initials TMS as if in cursive and I hope they're just visible but not too harsh.

In the meantime, I've hired my niece to do some grunt work in the studio.  On Monday she did a thorough cleaning while I wove.  Yesterday, she began the challenging task of rearranging and sorting my yarns.  Here's the floor full of the Spelsau stash as she finished with those yarns this morning.  She's now gotten the Vevgarn sorted and my yarn shelves are looking great!  I'll be able to find the color I need much more easily... tomorrow she'll tackle rearranging/organizing boxes of stuff in the other room.

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  1. Beautiful tapestry Tommye. And I'm sure it is great to have the studio help! The yarn shot is fun.