Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More from Lillian Smith Center

This residency, my third here at the Lillian Smith Center, is ending this week. I'm sorry about that but I am so grateful to have the time here. I think today I finally found the next tapestry design... or almost. Seems like during each residency I have there's an point where I finally make an image I think I'd like to spend weeks or months in weaving. Today (I think) that image came.
On my walk this morning I found the second pileated woodpecker feather that I've come across here. And when in Asheville yesterday, another feather turned up on the sidewalk near Oragami Ink (where my friend Peggy and I had been talking to the owner about the bird, birdnest, birdcage art works she has in her shop). I made drawings of both feathers today. And, before I'd found the pileated feather, I started the day by writing--among other things: "Forced or Found?" in my morning pages.
Today, I went for the "Found"--the feathers that have been given to me. One of these paintings made today may become the next tapestry.

And, right now, here's Screamer Mountain with fog and mist that accompany the afternoon rain:

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