Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress in several direction...

I see that it was a week ago when I posted last.  Since then, we've had a four day trip to LA (Lower Alabama) for a surprise birthday party for a family member.  This week I've been working on yet more samplers for the upcoming class at Arrowmont.  I've gone through the sampler bins and selected the ones that will illustrate things to do with the focus for the class.  I decided to once again do some color gradation work and so have spent a couple of days with that.  Here's the beginning of the stack of things I'll be taking with me--I always take more than I need.  But I always think, "Someone might like to see that book..." or "I'll have several different seine twine options for warp with me..." and "Let's see, since Arrowmont doesn't have a yarn stock in the weaving room like John Campbell, I'll need to take more yarn options..."

There's more to do for the class prep but I wanted to weave on the fiddlehead tapestry today for a few hours.  I've just finished the second of the five spirals now:

So... that's it for today and blogger!  Back to prep work.

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