Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arrowmont, day three--cutting off happens!

We had lots of applause tonight in the studio as three pieces were cut off the looms!  They'll re-warp tomorrow and begin their second tapestry -- it may be a small one and they'll be designing it based on the techniques/skills they've learned through the sampler.

Today was also the "Rug Guy" day to visit... and we spent a few minutes after lunch ohhing and ahhing over the wonderful Middle Eastern textiles he sells.  He talked to us about the pieces and let us walk over them and do photos, even though none of us bought anything.  He lives not too far away and comes over to Arrowmont on Wednesdays... I'd mentioned this in the post about my Arrowmont class in 2008 here.

Beautiful fabrics he had...

The students also wanted to photograph the beautiful details!

Cutting off several first tapestries tonight was the major excitement, as I mentioned above... so here's how that went:

This is followed by the finishing of ends.  Tomorrow is another day and new warps will appear on those looms and by Friday afternoon we'll have another cutting off celebration!

Meanwhile, Janette continues her tapestry diary...

She has two looms in use, one to sample on and one dedicated to the tapestry diary concept.

More tomorrow...


  1. I've really been enjoying your posts; it's sort of like visiting your classroom (and that's one of the benefits that students love about Arrowmont). I'll be at the school in a couple of weeks to take Cynthia Fisher's mosaic class but I do wish I could have taken both your course and hers.


  2. Thank you, Susan! I enjoy posting about workshop experiences... it's a great way for students to let their friends & families know what they did during the week... and how darn hard they worked, plus having fun along the way.