Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tapestry Diary on March 14, 2012

Here's an overview of the diary in progress on the loom.

A bit closer...

... and closer still. Lots of weather/sky/time of day things going on in this year's diary. I'm not using numbers each and every day to note the date, but am doing so most of the time. If I'm short on time for a day's entry I'm resorting to tried and true pick and pick! And I did have to re-weave the 13th since I wove a 12... was just about through with it and realized I'd woven two x six pick and pick areas, one above the other in the black and gray band just to the right of where I was doing the 13th day (thinking it was the 12th--but had woven that the day before; the night before, actually, hence the black part of the band...) OK, I'm rambling on here, I know!

Studio work is being taken up with finishing off the feathers for the exhibit. I've stitched them to the mounting boards today. I'm also doing a few block prints of feathers... maybe I'll post some photos of those soon. Or maybe not!
I'll see how it goes.

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