Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moving along on the tapestry diary

Traveling again has put a dent in the daily weaving of the diary. We've recently been to Chicago, Milwaukee, Muncie, and Nashville on a trip to see exhibits. Those days away are represented by the 5X near the top left of the diary. We were back by late on the 14th so I was able to put that day in, then I was gone for the next two days for meetings in Asheville... hence, the 2X. I returned yesterday so was able to get 17 woven and I've just finished for the day: 18. I'm really enjoying adding the soumak to the methods I'm able to use. The linear qualities available with soumak are so freeing.

Here's the January and February, to date, diary before I advanced the warp this morning.

And... later today I'm editing this post to include what I've done today at the studio.  And that was to weave the second of the three feathers:

I hope the third will be finished tomorrow.  I've got ideas for the next feather tapestry already bubbling to the surface!

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