Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tapestry design class at the Folk School last week

I just made a post with small slide show about last week's class at the Tapestry Share blog.  I'll add more about it here soon.   It was a great group and wonderful week... just wish the temperature had been more user-friendly!

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Haywood Community College at Clyde, NC to present a brief tapestry tutorial for textile students there.   The 2011 tapestry diary continues and my mind is gearing up for a new, larger tapestry.  Time to weave is coming soon, I hope!


  1. Ummm, aren't you 'retired' Tommye? You are so busy! You make me feel like a slug. I think I'm hibernating through this winter, though. I'll blame it on the season...

  2. Hey Kathy,
    When I retired from my full-time teaching job I said that I was starting my next career--the one I wanted to be doing when I was 18! And that involved teaching a little and being in my studio a lot. I've been fortunate to have that happen for going on 11 years now--full-time teaching ended for me in 2000.

    Your hibernations always are wonderful incubation times for your work, Kathy. You always seems to bloom forth in new, creative directions when your winters are over. Happy season of rest leading to new growth for you and your work!