Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wonderful workshop!

Pat Williams and I had a grand experience with fifteen fabulous folks during the past weekend.   The workshop we co-taught at Camp Mikell for Tapestry Weavers South brought together tapestry weavers from all over the place... Florida, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia--did I leave out anyone's state?  Old friends re-connected and new friends were made from last Thursday onward to mid-day Sunday when the workshop ended.  Everyone was eager to absorb as much as Pat and I could share, everyone also shared with each other so I feel the event was worthwhile in many ways.

Here's the group photo at the end of the workshop:

And here are their samplers (except for Nancy's that was still on her own loom... she's holding it in the photo above):

Thanks, Pat--for being such a good friend and a fantastic person to co-teach with!

Thanks, EVERYONE--for being such great folks to get to know... keep on weaving!


  1. What colorful weaving! It looks like the workshop was a success!

  2. What a great looking bunch of samplers. Looks like a great group of students and lots of good learning went on.

  3. These are beautiful pieces! Were these first time tapestry weavers? They did fabulous!

  4. that's a good amount of work for a weekend, they must have been very absorbed in it, great work all. k.