Monday, October 26, 2009

Western NC landscape is aflame with beauty!

I arrived late in the afternoon at Noel & Patrick's but had a little bit of time before dark to see the new view of the falls from the top.  They've had vegetation cut back that had grown up near the top of the dam and the falls are so dramatic to be seen from that vantage point; there's been quite a bit of rain this year and that increased water adds to the drama of the falls.

Here's the falls from a level near the top                   .....            and from a point near the bottom.

I only had time for a few photographs on Thursday afternoon before dark--and it was overcast that day.

 On Saturday morning before I left I was able to capture a bit of the intense blue sky of fall since the day dawned bright and clear.

Friday, Noel and I went into Asheville to SAFF where we picked Rita Buchanan up after her class ended for the day.  In spite of the rain we had a good meal at Earth Fare -- here's Noel and I each toasting with Rita and endless cups of coffee... Rita was taking a look at my portfolio as we chatted. 

I got back home on Saturday, wove for a couple of hours and put another couple of hours in yesterday... here's the tapestry as I start with it today.  I've probably got at least 12 more hours before the end, if things continue at this pace.  Fingers are crossed!


  1. Isn't is "neat" that you are about to finish the tapestry of leaves at this time of year???? The falls are gorgeous!

  2. This is looking absolutely beautiful. And the calendar is great. Such a clever idea.