Saturday, June 6, 2009

wedding anniversary diversion

Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary. I still can't believe that much time has passed! I was curious about exactly how much time (since I have time on my mind quite a lot as I weave)--and after finding a nifty calendar calculator online I discovered that we've been married 9497 days--make that 9498 now! Maybe the next anniversary we should mark is day 10,000! When will that be? Humm... need to get to that calculator page again!!

To celebrate we spent a lovely evening in Dahlonega. We're so fortunate to live in this small, vibrant community and be in easy walking distance to our town square where all kinds of thing happen. The university is almost a stone's throw away, as well, with its library, gallery and performance halls. So around 6, we took folding chairs to the little park for the First Friday concert--usually local bands perform, fundraising booths are set up (last night the Merchants Association was raising money for our 4th of July fireworks), kids run and tumble, dogs meet and greet each other, and a hundred or so people sit around having a picnic, drinks, or just soaking it all in.

Then, as it began to get dark we went to a local coffee house and music place, The Crimson Moon, to hear Shawn Mullins. Shawn's graduate of the university here and I've been following his music for years. He had a pretty big hit with "Lullaby" a few years back and, while that song was good, he has many, many more that are even better in my opinion. You can find lots of YouTube videos of Shawn--one that I've always particularly loved is called "Shimmer". Anyway... here are a few phone photos of Shawn and his accompanist, Patrick, from last night's performance. What a great way to spend an anniversary!


  1. Congrats on 26 years and I agree a great way to spend it!

  2. You wrote beautifully about your time of your 26th Anniversary. Congratulations Dear Tommye and good luck to you and your husband!