Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild tapestry class--second session

Everybody made it here through the rain today and had wonderful things to show. Lots of progress took place on the looms during the week... even enrolled a new "distance learning" weaver, Boo, who decided to weave at home with Terri:

A couple of folks had finished a first tapestry. Nancy then had time to start a second one above the first, using the same warp. Lauren was ready to hitch the top of the completed first one and move ahead into a second area above. Her husband had also constructed a pipe loom for her at home that she'd warped and she'd gotten quite a lot done on the next tapestry.

More to come next Saturday!


  1. I sure wish I could be taking your class!

  2. hey there. just read your comment from january on my post about spoolracks and such

    i wasn't aware of the weavetech list. anyway, i wouldn't be able to take part as i don't have my own internet and couldn't afford to be on an email list. shame.

    blogging is nice, but as a method of text communication it does have serious drawbacks, such as me not finding your comment to reply to till a month and a half after you posted it.

    never mind eh? like the tapestry looms by the way, it must be nice to have the gift of teaching. i think there's a scrambler circuit between my brain and my gob that turns all my knowledge into gobbeldigook that no-one can understand