Monday, September 8, 2008

another tapestry is born!

I was a happy watcher as a friend cut off her first tapestry today!  Suzanne inherited her Glimakra tapestry loom from her father who passed away last year.  He had begun a tapestry on a linen warp but had only gotten a few inches into it.  Bill, her dad, had many wide and varied interests and just didn't have time to finish the tapestry.  As Suzanne began her journey in weaving we talked about the possibility of her leaving in what he'd done and building upon that.  So that's what she did and now she has a lovely echo of his hand in the tapestry that she's just completed.

Suzanne used the Nancy Harvey DVD for the sample, following the suggestions given in the first video Nancy produced a number of years ago.  This was the way I began tapestry weaving, too...working myself through the first two videos of Nancy Harvey's.  They're good basic beginnings and one can learn quite a lot with them, I think.  Beyond a few skills and techniques, much of the rest is up to the weaver/designer -- and TIME/PRACTICE/PATIENCE!

So, please enjoy this virtual cutting off party with Suzanne and celebrate with her!

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