Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 11
Time "sprung forward" and now it's 10:47 a.m. rather than an hour earlier as it would have been this time yesterday morning. I have several hours to work today on the roots tapestry. It's nearing the end and I hope to be able to take it off the loom this week. However, there's a family health issue that may very soon be taking quite a bit of time for all of us here.
I'm going to post this shortly, but first am going to try a few things on this "Compose" page. And, I'm noticing that there's a tab at the bottom left that says "Post Options" and right now the "reader comments" is checked for allow. So, Pat...if you have time, could you try to make a comment so we can see if that works?
Also, I see a picture icon in the upper menu strip...let's see if I can add a picture here with that...OK, the picture is added but to the top of the posting rather than below the text...wonder if I can cut and past this above...will try that now...

OK!! That worked! Now, what's the eraser thing for...don't know...didn't seem to do anything.

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