Monday, March 12, 2007

Later today...
I've gotten to the top of the tapestry in several areas. Tomorrow may see the top of the weaving. But, my husband's mother has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She will be going to her daughter's house for hospice care but my husband (her son) and I may be involved over the next time or so. I'll post when I can.

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  1. Dang, I'd written a post, but wanted to look at the photo of the new tap and lost my comments. hmph.

    I said, GREAT Tommye, your blog looks really professional. So, you ARE a pro.

    I really like the roots as the focus. Roots are the strength of the tree and provide the essential nutrients. They offer balance to the vulnerable exposed parts of the tree. I LOVE the twisty, twiney aspect of them.

    Another thing I like are the chatty comments about your progress and feelings about it.

    Just how big will the tapestry be when finished?

    Yer fren,