Sunday, January 21, 2024

Three weeks into 2024


Three weeks, 21 days into the new year and today I completed the finishing for my 2023 tapestry diary, 22 days after cutting it off on December 31. I'm having it photographed tomorrow. But I had to do a quick shot of it with my phone and here it is:

It's 51" long x 11.5" wide. Linen warp sett at 8 epi and the wefts are natural dyed wool.

The tapestry diary for 2024 is underway. I finally decided on the images to use throughout the year. I'm going to be weaving a year of kudzu! Yes, that invasive plant has once again invaded my thoughts and I'm going to design and weave it as it goes from its current dormant stage through its renewal throughout the spring and into the full leaf of summer. The elusive kudzu flower (that I've woven before) will be there, too. At least that's the plan for now.

Here's where it stands today:


 The sketch I'm working from is one I drew from a photo I took of detail of a tangle of kudzu vines earlier this month. I zoomed in even more to simplify from the sketch. 

Earlier kudzu tapestries are shown below. The sizes range from large to small, some more realistic and others abstracted. 

Life Force, 2010, 24" x 60"

Revelation, 2021, 46.5"  33.5"


Vines and Leaves, 2021, 22" x 12"

Kudzu Flower, 2022, 8" x 5"

Kudzu Leaf Patterns, 2022, 8" x 5"


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