Friday, October 16, 2020

The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver


The book I've worked on for almost three years was released on September 15. It really was several decades in the making as I've traveled through a career in visual art and teaching. 

 There was a virtual book launch done on the release day, thanks to the University of North Georgia Press. Here's a link to a video of that. I also had a book signing at John C. Campbell Folk School during the week I was there teaching in the Traditional Craft Mentorship Program. Here's a blog post from the Folk School about that.

I'll be speaking (virtually, of course) about my book to a couple of groups in the upcoming weeks. I'm happy to be able to be talking to people about my journey in art making--just wish more of it could be happening in person! But I'll take what I can get. 

I'm grateful for those who've written about my book for their blogs recently. Links to those are with their names: Molly Elkind, Rebecca Mezoff, and Kennita Tully.

The Nature of Things is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in limited numbers through the John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop. Also, check with local independent book sellers to see if they can order the book for you!

Times continue to be challenging in so many ways. I'm grateful to have been part of the Traditional Craft Mentorship Program that the Folk School was able to hold. It was limited in participation, each of the three studio areas (music, weaving, basketmaking) had only three students and they were on campus for a month; instructors changed weekly. Here's more about the program, one that was made possible by a generous grant. It introduced young, early-mid career artists and musicians to the wonderful school and I know that all of them will carry what they learned there forward to many others for years to come. The second session of the program will begin on October 25.

News about the next book? Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond: A Guide to Planning and Weaving with Confidence is well underway and should be released by Schiffer in May of 2021. 


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