Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 is ending in a few days... and so is my 2017 tapestry diary

I'll be finishing the ninth of the year-long adventures in what I call my tapestry diaries.  My husband happened to catch me and my cat as I finished weaving the day this gray morning (although the sun has now peeked out from behind the clouds).  I'll post the completed and cut off 2017 tapestry diary in a few short days!  Until then... here we are, Tommye Scanlin (in front of the loom) and Raymond Purr (behind the loom)--in case you didn't know who was who:

By the way, I recently wrote a post about my tapestry diary practice for my Tapestry Share blog.  Here's the link to that.


  1. So glad that your hand seems to be healing and it's so great to see you back doing what you love!

  2. Thanks Debra! It's still not up to 100% speed but I'm grateful to be able to do what I can at this point and expect that soon I'll not even know it happened--except that my finger doesn't hang down anymore!