Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time Warp...and Weft, Lyndon House Arts Center

Last Thursday, June 15th, was the opening for the Time Warp...and Weft exhibit in Athens, Georgia at Lyndon House Arts Center.  The exhibit is in the South Gallery on the second floor.  My tapestry diary works are in the exhibit along with work by Janet Austin, Geri Forkner, Janette Meetze, Rebecca Mezoff,  and Kathy Spoering.

On Friday, Janet and Geri and I joined a couple of people from the Atlanta tapestry contingent to weave for the day in the gallery.  Although we didn't have many visitors to talk to we had a grand time with each other.

I gave a gallery talk last night and although there was an absolute downpour outside during the time, several people came to see the exhibit and my presentation.

Here are a few photos from the opening.

An overview of the gallery.  A couple of my tapestries are seen at the left.  In the center and the right wall, is Geri Forkener's work.  On the back wall hangs Janet Austin's work.  Rebecca Mezoff's small tapestries are on the end of the wall that hold's Geri's long pieces, just around the corner from Janet's work.
Geri Folkner (l) and Terri Bryson (r) chatting at the opening.
Geri's works... I love the way the long strips look in the exhibit.
Janet Austin (l), talks to a visitor.
Janette Meetze's tapestries.
Kathy Spoering's twelve months are at the left. 
Rebecca Mezoff's tiny daily tapestries done during her Petrified Forest National Park artist residency last year.  She has a beautiful little book that describes her inspirations included in the exhibit.  Check her website to find out more about her book as well as her experiences with the residency.

There were several copies of the Summer 2017 issue of SS&D with the article about the Time Warp exhibit available in the gallery.
My husband takes a look at my 2015 and 2016 tapestry diaries. 
Thomas continues to scrutinize my years of tapestry diaries!  Not that he hasn't seen them before but they look quite different in a gallery context.  Of course, the only ones hanging at home are the framed 2015 and 2016 ones--the rest live in storage most of the time.
Guests are looking closely at the 2016 year with the black walnut used as subject through the months of the year.

Rebecca Mezoff also wrote a blog post about the exhibit--link here

My thanks to everyone who's worked hard to bring this exhibit about.  First, of course, to my fellow "Time Travelers"--Janet Austin, Geri Forkner, Janette Meetze, Rebecca Mezoff and Kathy Spoering.  The concept of weaving to consider the passage of time isn't unique to us although some of us have been doing it for many years now (Geri's daily weavings began in 2005).  I'm well into the ninth year of doing tapestry diary now and I don't see any end to the directions the process may lead for the future. 

Many thanks to Beth Sale and Lyndon House Arts Center for offering the gallery for the show.  Beth's behind the scenes work has been great as she's coordinated the details for around a year in preparation for the exhibit.  Major installation tasks began when I delivered the pieces at the end of May.  She helped with unpacking everything and then her big job of designing the gallery with the varied works from six artists, then hanging it all began.  Next Beth and others of the Lyndon House staff put together a beautiful reception for all four summer exhibits on the 15th of June, set up for our gallery social weaving day on the 16th, and then organized my gallery talk on June 20.  All in all, this has been a wonderful experience to be part of the exhibition.  I'm always happy to see my tapestries exhibited and when they are in the company of other weavings it's wonderful.

Editing to add a link to Molly Elkind's nice comments about the exhibit at her blog, Talking Textiles.  Thanks, Molly! 

Second editing to add a link to Janet Austin's blog post about the exhibit.  It's here at her blog, Tangled Web.  Thank you, Janet, for being part of the exhibit and especially for flying in from Rhode Island to the opening!  It's always nice to see you even though it's only every couple of years or so.

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