Monday, April 17, 2017

Penland--WEEK FIVE!!!!!!!!

OMG, how much went on last week.  Yes, here it is, in week six when I'm posting this very brief account of the past week.

On Monday, we were able to get into the dye kitchen on the third floor--Amanda, the Studio Coordinator for Textiles, gave us the safety tour needed for turning us loose with the gas burners and the dyes.

Tuesday, we had guests, Aime Adelman and Janet Taylor, visit to show and talk about their work.

Wednesday, a few of us went into Spruce Pine to meet with the spinners there, with Edwina's invitation.  Later, Sarah Rose and Krysten took us through a process of spinning paper.

On Thursday, Noel Thurner and Patrick Horan visited to talk about both dog hair spinning (chinegora) and also the work Patrick has been doing with the hemlock wooly adelgid.  After dinner at Bhakti's lodging to talk about options for the future: graduate programs, artist residencies, workshops or classes... lots of thoughts and opinions flying around about it all.

Friday morning, Chad Alice Hagen visited to show her work, from early rag rugs to current felting and book works.  Later in the afternoon, we had a walk-around view and discussion of everyone's work, to this point.

Over the weekend, (while I made a trip to Dahlonega) Bhakti led several through painted warps and lots of weaving, and on Sunday. other things (like the big Penland Egg Hunt) went on.

Photos to follow from week five (maybe!)

This week, the beginning of week six... Rebecca Mezoff is here with us for a day!  We've dyed some yarn with acid dyes, started an indigo vat, and weaving continues all over the room.

Now... a brief calendar for week six...


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  1. My mind works overtime thinking about the creative energy that's radiating from Penland. What an experience for all of you.