Monday, February 6, 2017

Days remain... I think!

I'm inching up toward the red line on the cartoon that marks the end of the tapestry. 

My loom is in a position that makes it hard to stand back far enough in front of it to get a photograph of the whole width at once... this one leaves out an inch or so at each side.

The camera also gets confused by the value differences between the white paper of the cartoon at the top and the dark and medium-dark values of the colors below.  So it's been very hard to capture the richness and depth of the color accurately while the piece is in progress. 

My original plan was to hang it turned 90˚ from the direction I'm weaving it but I'm now thinking that this direction, as the image travels up the warp, will be best.  The image is quite abstracted, based on leaf litter and then burned and charred forest floor so any direction would be fine, I guess.  Whatever seems to work best for the composition when I'm done will be what I choose.  I'll have to get it off the loom, pin it up and look at it before I can decide.

Onward and upward!

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  1. Loving the colours in this looking forward to seeing the finished product