Sunday, April 5, 2015

Recent classes--John Campbell Folk School and Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference

I'm so fortunate to be able to occasionally teach about what I love--tapestry weaving.  This year I've been to the Folk School (February) where we had a grand time thinking about the work of William Morris for inspiration--and enjoying a couple of lovely snow falls during the week.  In March I was off to Florida to teach a 2 1/2 day session at Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference held at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center.  Weather in Florida was quite a contrast to the snowy days a month before in Brasstown, NC.  It wasn't too hot (low 80s)--definitely not coat weather.

I often post photos and comments about classes when the sessions are underway.  For various reasons this year I haven't been able to do that.  I want to catch up a bit to show off the work from the classes--everyone worked so hard and accomplished a lot.

So here goes--first from the John Campbell Folk School class, February 22-27, photos in no particular order:

Now, a few from Florida Tropical Weavers Conference, again--no particular order:

Next class is in June/July at Arrowmont, a two week one.  The session length should give us enough time to delve into explorations a bit more.

Happy Easter! 

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  1. Oh, to be able to do this. I would love to spend two weeks doing your Arrowmont class. I know it will be fabulous.