Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring is coming!

These flowers were shining brightly in my studio yard today.  And am I ever happy to see them!  Trees are also beginning to bud.  There's a young gingko tree in the yard and last year there were several leaves at eye level that I kept under surveillance from bud to full leaf.  What fun to see the new growth begin.  And it's almost time for a new tapestry to begin.

The loose ends that have been bugging me for weeks now are almost tied up--tapestry finishing is completed for the most recent couple of pieces; the loom is cleared of remaining ends from the last tapestry; yarns from the last tapestries are put away and more has been gotten out in preparation for the next piece; tapestries are packaged and ready to ship on Monday to a couple of shows; and a new warp is almost ready for the beginning wefts to be entered.

Bring on the Spring!

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  1. Thanks for the daffys - the bulbs I planted in the fall are still under a couple of feet of snow. Its nice to see spring is really on its way. In cold, snowy Wisconsin.