Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weaving for Others...

I have a piece underway right now that is for my niece.  It's based on one of her paintings and will be a gift to her.  Here's the painting sitting to the left; it's gouache and is based on a photo seen in a "Just Busted" mugshot publication.  I've simplified the design and enlarged it so that it's about 24" wide.

A few years ago I wove a tapestry for my nephew with the design based on one of his photographs.  Here it is, in process, and the finished tapestry below.

And, yes, the guitar strings are indeed guitar strings.  They're couched onto the tapestry.

Both my niece and my nephew are quite good artists--Megan, with drawing and painting and critter creation; Jacob, with photography.  He was in Combat Camera when in the Army.  He was in Iraq for three tours, in fact, and some of the photos he took while there are breathtaking.

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  1. This will be a treasure of a piece. And I LOVE the guitar tapestry! I haven't seen it before. How clever to use actual guitar strings on the tapestry. I have a bunch of those!