Saturday, August 17, 2013


And welcome, indeed, were the 150 or so students, studio assistants and instructors who shared the Penland experience during Session 5, July 21-August 6, 2013.  In the fourteen workshops held during the two and a half weeks, everyone was intensely involved in the studios during the day.  Late afternoons and evenings held slide presentations by instructors and studio assistants, and open house times at Cynthia Bringle's studio, the Resident Artists' studios, and the Penland Gallery, among other events.  And many returned for late nights at studio--even all night, if one could hold out for it!  The studios are available 24 hours.

The surroundings are spectacular... when at Penland, the rest of the world might as well not exist.

The weaving and textiles classes are held in one of the older buildings on the Penland campus, the Lily Loom House.  More about the Lily Loom House and the other structures of historical significance is found at the National Register of Historic Places registration form for the school, a fascinating read, if you like historical detail.

The tapestry class was held on the second floor of Lily Loom House... here's a view from the windows inside our classroom:

The nine students had plenty of room and light--two views of the room, from one side and then the other.

More later of students and work in progress!

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  1. I love Penland! I hope to teach there one day, but if not, I need to at least go back for a workshop. What a wonderful place. I will look forward to more about your teaching experience Tommye.