Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fiber Art Now, Spring 2013

Not long ago I saw a call of submissions for the spring issue of Fiber Art Now magazine.  The "On View" feature that's compiled by Elena Rosenberg was to feature the theme of Growth and Renewal.  Right away I thought I'd submit images of my tapestry diary work since growth is certainly a key feature of those pieces since they grow, bit by bit, as my days pass.  I was happy to have one of the tapestry diary pieces accepted.  My issue came the other day...

And, speaking of growth, my tapestry diary for 2013 is growing daily.  This year I'm using hand dyed samples in various combinations and with each month I'm doing something slightly different in the day.  For April, for instance, I'm using a single pass of a color selected from those used in March, placing it somewhere in the rectangle I weave for the day.  The color for the larger area is chosen from the dye samples I haven't used yet.  My out-of-town times are marked with woven areas of plain linen and eight of those days can be seen in this photo of the piece in progress.  

I finally finished ends and prepared the 2012 tapestry diary for hanging.  It will be included in the Tapestry Weavers South exhibit that's coming up at Quinlan Art Center soon.  I'm happy to have it on display since I haven't seen it hanging in its finished state.  I haven't gotten a good photo of it yet and hope to be able to do it while it's in the exhibit.  

And, after various trips and other distractions I'm finally working on the large feather tapestry again.  Hooray for that!  My goal is to finish the piece before I leave for Penland in late July.  I have another large tapestry in the planning stages and will be designing the cartoon for that when I'm at Hambidge for a residency in May.  


  1. Your tapestry diary was perfect for this feature! Thank you for a lovely contribution to the magazine!

  2. Thanks, Elena!
    Fiber Art Now gets better and better with each issue. Congratulations on being part of this wonderful resource.