Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida Tropical Weavers Guild workshop--final thoughts

I arrived home yesterday afternoon from the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild conference.  It's a long drive from north Georgia to central Florida where the conference was held so I broke the return trip into two days.  Luckily, I arrived at the studio just before the start of some heavy rainfall.  I jumped out, threw open the doors and start hauling stuff out of the car.  I got it all inside before the bottom fell out of the clouds.  But, here's what the front room at the studio looks like right now--I'm going to start unpacking and organizing in a few minutes.

The workshop participants were such a great group to work with.  And having Sidsel as the class angel was tremendous.  Here she and I are at the end of the workshop, standing at her loom:

Now... a few photos of work in progress and several pieces that were cut off at the end of the session on Sunday.  Thanks again to the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild for inviting me to teach at this year's conference.  I hope there will be future tapestry workshop offerings through FTWG.  And a big thanks to the fifteen participants who went with me over the weekend on this short tapestry journey!


  1. It was lots of fun... how's the new loom doing for you?

  2. Thanks, Tommye. The workshop was fantastic. And the other members of my weaving guild have enjoyed looking at this blog to see what I was up to.

    1. Hi Diane! Keep up the good tapestry work... hope to see you and your tapestries in yhe future.

  3. It looked like everyone was having fun and learning so much. Missed taking the class this time, but hope you'll be at FTWG again soon.