Thursday, February 28, 2013

My tapestry diary for 2013 -- it grows daily

I have a simpler approach to this year's tapestry diary.  I am still weaving a distinct bit daily but this year I've decided to make each day a square of color that is color only--as in January, or has some quite simple variation--as the pick and pick used for February.  The wefts, as mentioned in an earlier post, are all from a stash of dyed yarn samples from years back.  Time to get them out of storage and into use, I thought.

The tapestry diary is something that I have on a loom at my home and I commit a few minutes each day to it before I go to the studio to do my "real" tapestry work.  Bit by bit, day by day, week by week, month by month these tapestry diaries are growing into larger works.  Fifth year of the process is now two months under way.

Oh... the strip of "blanks" in the row that's second from the bottom and the square at the right side in the row below... that is an area of linen woven in to represent the number of days that I was away from home.  The teaching, workshop, and other travel times I'll be spending throughout the year will be filled into the diary in that way.

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