Sunday, November 11, 2012

Report from the Norris, Tennessee class

... from Maggie's blog:

Maggie was one of the participants in the recent class I taught at the Appalachian Arts Crafts Center in Norris, Tennessee.  She posted about our adventures on the three days.

I'm hoping to get my own post about both the Asheville class Pat Williams & I taught recently as well as the Norris class, done soon.  Then there are photos from Kathe Todd-Hooker's visit to Georgia... and our trip to see John & Joy Moss (bobbin maker)... and Pat's studio... and ... more about all of that soon!


Later today... although this newest tapestry is growing s-l-o-w-l-y because of all the other things going on, I did finish the first of the four feathers on this 24" wide piece.  Only three of the feathers are showing in the cartoon, by the way.  The fourth is hanging over the cartoon holder bar and is at the back.

The warp is 10/3 linen and sett at 7.5 epi.  Weft is 5 strands of 20/2 worsted wool from Norway (Kathe Todd-Hooker sells this through her business, Fine Fiber Press).  The linen warp is from Noel Thurner at Norsk Fjord Fiber.

The tiny circles on the piece are the magnets holding the cartoon in place behind the tapestry.  I'm also stitching in place.

I'm using soumak in places for details.


  1. nice looking feathers! Love the contrasts of the oranges and blues!

  2. Tommye I love this tapestry so far. Beautiful shading on the bobbin.


  3. Love this tapestry Tommye. Very pretty blending on the bobbin. Hope this doesn't post twice. I couldn't get in via my Typepad so trying my goggle account. Love the feathers.


  4. This will be beautiful. I'm going to enjoy watching it grow.

  5. I like the soumak for the details! It was great to meet you, and we all thoroughly enjoyed your class. Maybe you can come back sometime and teach Tapestry 102?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Maggie, I'd love to come back for "Tapestry 102"--just let me know when!