Tuesday, April 26, 2011

springtime brings such interesting things to see...

like this butterfly sitting on an iris:

 here's another view with a bit of Photoshop manipulation with cutout filter:

I'm looking at irises right now since I'm working on a large painting of irises from those now blooming in our yard.  The painting will turn into a floor cloth.  

Here's what it looks like right now (glare from nearby light is at the top):

Some manipulation with the Photoshop mobile on my iPhone:

Some manipulation with Photoshop Elements on my laptop:

OK... back to the basement to work on the painting some more.  I've just gotten a large piece of plywood delivered by my husband and his friend so I can take the painting down shortly and staple it flat.  I'll work on it a bit more with paint before I begin to apply the coating to it.  

The piece is intended for a floral exhibit that's coming up at the first of May at Globe Gallery in Clayton. Got to finish by tomorrow!

In the time between drying of paint I'm working on tapestry.  Photos of that soon.


  1. Wow! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you paint, since you weave such beautiful tapestries, but I am. That floor cloth is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Maggie! Yes, I draw, paint and work in any medium I can for designing for tapestry. Occasionally I exhibit those works... but most often they just serve as a step on the way to tapestry design.

    The floor cloth went through several more changes after that photo. It will look quite different once it's finally finished -- I hope that will be later today!