Tuesday, February 15, 2011

small tapestry about finished... at long last!

The small leaf tapestry shown in the photos has been on my small Hagen loom for about three years now.  I began it when my husband and I were staying at a cabin near Mentone, AL;  I didn't have a cartoon ready as I began so started out with a pattern of diamonds as a bottom border.  I didn't continue with the tapestry after getting back home because, at that time, a larger tapestry awaited work in my studio.

Later, when I needed to prepare a small loom for display during last year's exhibit at the Focus Gallery in Asheville, I did a simple cartoon based on a drawing of leaves I'd done while in my last residency at the Hambidge Center and began weaving the interior of the piece. So, bit by bit during various demonstrations the tapestry has grown.

In January this year the loom went with me to John Campbell Folk School where used it for demonstrations a few times while there:

And just this past Sunday I took it to the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild's Open House for a demonstration:


I'm using vertical soumak for the stem of the leaves... color being used in the soumak is a bit strong for the piece but that's OK...  I'm ready to complete this small tapestry and move on.  I can't agonize over the color at this point.  I'm now determined to complete it during this week... maybe!


  1. You made me feel a bit better now about the tapestry that has been on my loom for almost three years now. I am diligently trying to finish it when life doesn't get in the way (a child home with a fever this week, dr's appt for other child, etc.) Thanks for the inspiration, beautiful work.

  2. I love the play of colors on that piece. I know that you are thinking that you only use it for demonstrations, but I think that piece is striking!

  3. Lovely, Tommye. And I actually really like the lavender in the stem! How big is it?

  4. Thanks for the comment, Susan...yes, good to finish off "old friends" on the loom.
    Lou Ann, thank you for your thoughts about the color of the little tapestry.
    Kathy... thank you, too! The piece is 12+" wide and will be about 18" high. I've got to design the finishing border -- am not sure if it will be a repeat of the diamonds I began with or not. I completed the leaf area yesterday so I should be able to actually complete it before the week is over!

  5. I like it very much! and look forward to see it finished - it's always great to finish something!

  6. Oh Yum, I love all those warm colors, especially on this cold snowy day. And doesn't it feel good to finally finish something that's been hanging around? I feel like my unfinished tapestries are weighing on me, and soon I hope to finish them.