Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Textile Society of America Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska

I'm at the TSA symposium in Nebraska... my first visit to this state.  So far, a good one!  Friendly, helpful people and beautiful countryside.  Pat Williams, my tapestry weaver friend and I, flew out and are rooming together.  We'll be spending the next few days immersed in a new adventure for both of us... the Textile Society of America Symposium.  It all sounds very scholarly and imposing... but the people we've met so far have been very friendly and helpful.

I'll be part of a panel on Thursday that Mary Lane is the chairperson for.  My presentation is 20 minutes long (one of four during our time).  It will be the result of what I'd been pulling together during the first part of my residency at the Lillian Smith Center this summer.  I continue to wonder why I work so hard and so long on something that is over with in such a short amount of time; yet my presentation is based on interviews with eight fiber artists who graciously shared thoughts about their work with me.

 Here's our hotel.

AND I just learned tonight that KATHE TODD-HOOKER was the winner of my piece in the raffle at the Blue Ridge Fiber Show!  Congratulations to Kathe... I hope it will be a piece that she enjoys.  Since I'm in Nebraska I couldn't go to the opening of the BRFS.  I'll see the exhibit soon, however.


  1. Tommye will you be able to publish your talk online as well, after the presentation of course? k.

  2. I think I know that building!!! Cool. I may have to pop in there to check things out next time I go visit in NE.