Thursday, December 24, 2009

new loom... new tapestry thoughts

I've given myself a present--a 4' Shannock tapestry loom!

Here it is at the studio, instructions sheets for assembly all around...

 It became available a few days ago and after a day and a half of back and forth e-mailing so I could first commit to the loom, then have the kind seller measure to see if would fit into my station wagon, I made a 12 hour round trip drive to pick it up.  It's been owned by a couple of other tapestry makers since its "birth" in the early 1990s and I'm very glad to know a little of its history.  Needless to say I'm quite excited to have the opportunity to have it with me.  All of my looms, except for the Archie style ones I've built and the Hagen looms, previously lived elsewhere and did fine jobs while with their other studio companions.  Now, I very much appreciate having them occupy my studio and take part in my various tapestry adventures.

New loom--new year--new tapestry thoughts bubbling away.  First, though, I'll finish of the 2009 tapestry diary in a few days--just a week more to go before putting the end to it.  I've decided to use Braille as the dating method (thanks for the several suggestions pointing me in that direction).  I've woven a sample of what 2009 would be and it will fit the look of the other date markings of the tapestry, I feel.

For the new year's tapestry diary I'll put a warp on a frame loom, as I mentioned in an earlier post, so I can take it with me when traveling.  Instead of weaving "blanks" of white when I'm away from the weaving for a day or more, next year I'm thinking of leaving unwoven warp on those days, securing at top and bottom in some way.  Holes in the fabric of my time, I guess one could say.

And... here are a few photos I'll be working from as I develop the next tapestry... kudzu --leaves, vines, flowers, seed pods. Took these a few years ago for another tapestry I was designing but didn't use them then.  Why kudzu?? More about that later!



  1. OOH, what a lovely gift! I know you'll have a great time with your new Shannock. I'm impressed that you are starting another tapestry diary. I hope to do one too, but first I have to finish the small tapestry on the loom. If you use a frame loom, will the warp be long enough for a whole year?

  2. Merry Christmas, Jan... yes, I'll put a continuous warp on the frame loom and that should give me about 40" weaving length--next year I'll possibly do each day's section the same size so can predict what I will need for length better than this time around.

  3. I've heard so many good thing about Shannock looms, and what a nice size. I've only seen some really large ones for sale.
    The braille dating for the 2009 diary looks great!
    Can't wait to see the lay out for the both kudzu and 2010's tapestry. :-)

  4. That particular Shannock is a lovely loom to work on. I ahvee worked on the Metal Shanncok that is slightly larger and it's a great loom to speed weave on! You might want to consider putting an apron on it so you don't have to deal with the turn and a half around the beams to save the cleats. This is
    something that isn't in any of the literature on warping Shannocks. I hated wasting warp and starting in what I considered to be the middle of the warp instead of right above the bouts. I am working on a 7.5 foot Shanncok loom made of wood. It is the 12th looom produced by Shannock so many years ago. It's interesting how each of the looms has a history. Mine was originally owned by Sharon Marcus. It has the chew marks of her puppies on the legs. Chene' tried but his mouth was to small.

  5. Kathe,
    Thanks for the note and the thought about an apron. I wondered about "wasting" that last bit of warp. I may try twill tape straps like is on the Ruthie loom. I love particular loom histories!

  6. Theresa...
    Braille 2009 coming up soon! Now I'm considering using a Braille day indicator for the next year's tapestry diary. I'll be posting about my decisions about the new year's one very soon!

  7. I am currently on a 1000 mile each way trip to pick up a four foot Shannock just like yours. I am trading a Baby Wolf. It is a long trip. Have you used this loom yet?

  8. Yes, I've used it several times and am working on aniother piece on it now. It's a very good piece of equipment. That's a long way to go for a loom but maybe you'll find it's worth it! Have safe travels.