Sunday, January 18, 2009

as time goes by...

Long time since last post! I'm still "editing" house stuff as I talked about last time and not weaving much at all. But I am spending five to ten minutes almost every day on my year-long tapestry. Here's a picture of it as of today, the 18th of January... let's see, that's only 347 more woven entries to make.

Each day is represented by a small color field, with a mark of some kind to indicate day. I began on the right side and I'm doing 10 across, but not all of the same width or height. So far I've missed three days and filled in a small area of white for that day before weaving the next day's bit.

Cold over the past few days--and a tiny bit of snow last night.


  1. Oh, NOW I get it! When you described it on the tapestry list it sounded more uniform and kind of boring, but I can see that it's really fun and interesting and will keep building into something really awesome.

  2. You are sooo inspirational! What a truely briliant idea!!! Wonder if this would be an idea tha a beginner in tapestry (moi!) could adapt for a interestig approach to a sampler? You've got me thinking now. Thanks!