Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I know I'm putting up inch-by-inch shots of the black walnut tapestry, but every inch has significance to my days. I've had this piece on the loom since April and I'm trying hard to finish it this month.

The new studio should be ready in a few weeks; the lease is over in my current studio at the end of October. I don't wan't to move a tapestry loom with a weaving underway. So, I really want to finish this piece soon.

I also hope to have it to take to the SEFEA meeting at Penland in early October.

I realized as I looked at the overall view of the tapestry on the loom that the objects on the loom legs might look curious. I've C-clamped the beater/reed of the Tissart at the highest position since I don't use it for beating the weft. And the clamps make nice little shelves for stuff. On the left I have a pin cushion and on the right I have a couple of walnuts. Taped above each clamp are pictures of Archie Brennan, my weaving guru. I took the photo on the left of Archie while I was in the Penland Concentration with him and Susan in 2001. The right photo is from a website, showing Archie at about 16 or so, along with other weavers at the Dovecote in Scotland. He's the curly headed guy right in the center front.

Every day that I weave I take part in the developing depth of my knowledge of tapestry...most of which has been given to me by Archie and Susan. I like to have a continuing reminder of those teachings with me as I weave. I very ofter think, as I weave: "What would Archie do...? WWAD?"


  1. Hi,

    Could you tell me what brand of tapestry loom you're weaving on in this picture?


  2. Hi Tommye, I love the black walnut piece you are working on and enjoy seeing a day by day progression. I have also been working walnuts-collecting them for dye stuffs! It was such fun to do Akira's class together, I hope to finish my ladies soon! Laura Poulette