Wednesday, September 2, 2015

LES Center-day 2

At the end of this morning's walk I had to take a photo of the red door--beautiful in the morning light with the shadows on it: 

After the red door photo, I sat on a new bench that's placed near the chimney ruin and Ms. Smith's grave site.  I had to take a selfie with the chimney in the background:

Some of the stones at the back of the chimney were the ones in my tapestry, "Because of Memory."  The title of the tapestry comes from Ms. Smith's grave marker that's beside the chimney:

I worked all day at Robert's studio to develop the paintings I'd started yesterday and to begin a new one.  Here's where yesterday's wound up... more work on them, perhaps, in the future but for now they are down and the next canvas is up.

As the afternoon progressed, so did this painting--stages shown as it went along--this is 60" wide by about 45" high:

I drew with charcoal

Then covered up parts of the drawing...

and drew again...

then another cover up and redrawing...

and I ended the day by adding color over the whole thing.

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