Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day five here at Lillian Smith Center

Here's the happy camper about to begin the day's work in the studio:

This was just before I took down the previous day's work and put up things to work on today.

Steven Aimone's comment, "When in doubt, make big changes." sort of haunts me and I often do make very big changes... as in painting over something from earlier and starting over on it.  And that's what I did today with a canvas that was a start-over at the first of the week, one I'd brought along with me to work on.  Here are stages it has gone through today:

I was referring to these leaves picked up on my morning walk as I drew.

Then I began to paint...

There will be more to do with this tomorrow but I'm happy to leave it at this point today.  Yes, it's similar to what I did yesterday.  But, to me, that's OK.  I'm still working with an idea of finding a way to show something about the special nature of these common things... leaves that one may find on the roadway.  There is a quality of the leaves that I would like to be able to convey in some way.  They are unique.  They seem, in some way, sacred.  No, my humble painting doesn't represent the sacred but in my mind as I collect, arrange, look at them, represent them as best I can I feel the sacredness.


  1. Tommye, I think your artist's eye sees the sacredness of all things and you portray it well in your work, whether in fiber, paint or photography. Thanks for what you do, and for passing on your passion to others '- )

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I hope to somehow be able to move people who see my work even a fraction of the amount of passion I feel for whatever I'm representing as best I can.