Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 4 at LES Center

I left the studio earlier than usual today... a storm is brewing and I thought I'd get back to my cabin before it hits.  A quick storm came through yesterday in late afternoon and caused the trees to swirl!  This ridge is a prime spot for feeling the force of the weather, it seems.  Residents are warned not to leave their computers plugged up because of sudden thunderstorms that happen in the summer.

Here was the view of Robert's studio as I arrived this morning.  It's a short walk through the mountain laurel to the building and I always enjoy seeing it as I round the bend in the woods.

My shadow walked ahead of me on the way back to the studio after lunch.  It's been bright and sunny all day... up until now as the clouds build up.

 I worked on the two paintings from yesterday's session today and I think they are finished or as finished as I'll make them.    Here they are earlier in the day just after I'd painted around the leaves in both with white thinned with matt medium and water so that the background color would show through a bit.  I like the way the thinned paint doesn't cover evenly and I use the largest brush I can as I paint. 

Here they are by the end of the day.... shadows painted on both.  I wanted the leaves to seem to exist in a space.  Granted, a space of their own that doesn't necessarily adhere to the logic of "real" space and lighting.

Could I weave these?  Possibly.  Will I?  Maybe.  I'd like to weave them at least as large as the paintings and use very thick warp and lots of combined weft in bundles.  I think a sett of 6 epi would reflect a bit of the boldness of the images that I'm trying to show.  Will these become my winter companions?  Will I spend months weaving what's taken me a day and a half to do with canvas and acrylic paint?

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  1. The paintings are marvelous. You have a bold and interesting approach to the leaves. Whether you weave the designs or not, they will be a lovely reminder of your time at the center this year.